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O Grove

With barely 12,000 neighbours, this quiet area is situated in a small peninsula joined to solid land via an isthmus known as O Bao.

Nicknamed the seafood capital due to its tourism, in its marketplace you can enjoy the wide variety of mollusk and fish.

Don’t forget to visit its Salted Fish Museum (Sea Museum).


San Vicente Do Mar

Very near the famous La Lanzada beach, located on the peninsula of O Grove, the town of San Vicente Do Mar shines with its own light with the beauty of its crystal-clear waters and the cleanliness of its beaches, among which are worth mentioning Farruco, Espiño, Barrosa y Canelas.

On the Sea Front of the area you can find the Al Voluntario (Volunteer) Monument erected in 2003 in gratitude to the people that helped ease the damage of the Prestige oil spill.

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